Rocket Stoves video: superefficient wood-fired heaters

Rocket stoves are superefficient wood-fired stoves that can easily be built using readily available and recycled materials. They are a common sight in cob, straw bale, and other natural building designs.

In this video, Nathan and Tony describe two different rocket stove systems, detailing the inner workings of the stoves and their unique ability to store heat much more effectively than traditional wood stoves. Unlike other stoves, rocket stove flues can run horizontoally through cob benches or other cob furniture, effectively storing much more heat that would otherwise be lost.

For more information about rocket stoves, visit, or check out Ianto Evans’s and Leslie Jackson’s book Rocket Mass Heaters: Superefficient Woodstoves You Can Build (And Snuggle Up To).

This video is also available on Revver.