Process to Join the FEC

The Process to Join the FEC

The first step in becoming an FEC Community is to contact the FEC Secretary:

The FEC Secretary will help guide you through the process.

The Secretary will send you information and a questionnaire to fill out.

You will then be invited to come to our next FEC Assembly and meet members of our communities.

The applying community:

  1. Expresses interest in FEC membership.
  2. Receives a package of written material from the FEC explaining what the FEC is about, the membership requirements, and the application procedure.
  3. Sends back to the FEC:
    1. written information describing itself (e.g., bylaws, behavioral norms, membership criteria, outreach material, etc.);
    2. some collective binding agreement, with a defined process for changing that agreement, that represents a written affirmation of the FEC's seven basic principles;
    3. a response to the FEC Questionnaire.
  4. Is approved to become a Community-in-Dialogue with the FEC.
  5. Develops and maintains an active relationship with at least one FEC community through activities such as visiting or labor exchange, written communication, attendance at conferences, or other forms of sharing.
  6. Attends at least one assembly prior to the one at which it formally applies for membership.
  7. Is visited by a designated representative of the FEC.
  8. Comes to the next assembly, formally applies for membership, and receives an answer at that assembly.

Note that steps 1-5 may occur in any order and that at any point in the process prior to attaining membership, a community may apply for Community-In-Dialogue status.

In the above process the FEC Assembly takes the responsibility for designating a representative to handle correspondence with an applying community, including sending the written materials required in step 2, and for designating a representative to visit that community, as set out in step 6.

Consensus of the existing FEC communities is necessary to accept a new group. Once accepted the new community is granted full member rights and privileges from that point on.