News of the Oaks: Equinox - to - Equinox (Autumn 08 - Spring 09)

News of the Oaks: Equinox - to - Equinox (Autumn 08 - Spring 09)
by Valerie TO

We've had a busy winter at the Oaks, with the theme tending towards
Growth and Abundance. We had two babies born in Kaweah-Anya Margery
Joy Samoheyl to Summer and Purl in November, and Samir Ghoshal
Freeman to Mala and Ezra in March. Both births were attended by
Brynne, a Charlottesville mid-wife who is the daughter of TO member

Even without two new humyns, we were already pretty full-in fact we
have been at "Pop Cap", our population maximum for some months. As of
this writing (late March) the Waiting List is about a dozen people.
We'll see if the historical trend of members leaving in the Spring
plays out this year, or if reports of the economy keep people in the
communal nest.

We also have a new structure-a metal building to replace Oz, which
burned down last summer. It was paid for by the insurance we had on
the old Oz. We hired out it's installation, but will do the final
custom-fitting ourselves, so it can be used for it's intended
purpose-where we do the oil and varnish finishing on our hammock
stretchers and chair frames.

In business news, we've taken on more seed-growing, some of which
are sold to Acorn for their seed business, some are sold to other
seed companies, and some used for our own garden. We've also begun
talk of starting a new business, to diversify our income and just
plain old bring more of it in.....

Random social/cultural occurrences: Validation Day "Songs of Love"
concert, Games Night at Beechside, a St Patrick's Day Irish music
concert, a performance by The Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra,
twice-weekly Ultimate Frisbee, Art Show at ZK, Yoga classes in the
Bijou, and FEC Sharp--the women's a capella music group at TO
featured on YouTube.