Are we too old?

What's the average age of most new members in communities?

I am 41 and my husband will be 54 before long.
I always think of people at these ages as being 'over the hill' and assume that we might not be considered very helpful to a community that's being contacted about possible membership.
I know that once we visit some communities, our usefulness will become apparent to both us and them, but we really can't afford to take time off work to visit very many places that we have no chance of being a part of.

Granted, we're getting a VERY late start, and it might not even be a lifestyle we're suited for, but I really want to try.
We've discussed getting our own property and just trying to live a simpler life alone, but I think things would be easier in a community where they've worked out the details.
I know I've depended on neighbors and friends too often to think we can do everything by ourselves.

If we are of an age that we would be considered more of a burden in the long run, I would understand.
I just don't know, so I'm hoping someone can tell me if we would be better off going a different route.
(Doing things on our own or maybe just trying to start a small group made up of people who've lived this lifestyle already?)

Any advice would be appreciated.

too old?

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Your ages sound perfect. We are 49 and 53, and together, you should see what we can accomplish!

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