downplaying CNN

At first they just wanted to do a piece on our most friendly building and Valerie (who co-manages Twin Oaks recruiting and outreach with me) thought she would do it by herself (she installed parts of the solar photo-voltaic system and has given dozens of tours of Kawaeh).  When CNN expanded their scope and wanted to cover more ecological aspects of the commune, Valerie called in help.

When i found out CNN was coming i got excited.  They were coming for lunch and we also had a student group which was coming for lunch that was paying for it so i thought i would use some of the money they were giving us to add some extra ingredients to make a nicer lunch.  Madge was not having any of it.

Madge and i have had our run ins before, especially when we were managing different aspects of the community hammocks business together.  And i respect Madge, she gets stuff done, she is thorough and tough.

In this case she was the lunch cook.  I was asking if she would expand the menu to use fancier (store bought) food.  She pointed out that the tripper would not be able to get food back in time.  i said i could organize a runner to do the shopping if she would come up with a list.  She pointed out that the regular food was perfectly fine and she would be sure to make enuf for the additional guests, and we were done.  She was, of course, right.

CNN came, they shoot and interviewed for 5 hours for a piece which will be 2 minutes long run right around Earth Day – there are 13 other ecological initiatives which CNN will present on that single show.

I gave my usual spiel about how sharing is needed to save the world.

stolen graphic

Now you listen to CNN sonny!