Communication Skills Program

At the fall 2003 assembly, it was recognized that our communities need
further support in order to live out the FEC's 7th core principle
("Creating processes for group communication and participation and
providing an environment which supports people's development"). Thus
our communication skills program was created according to the following
guidelines. Since the FEC doesn't have unlimited funds available to
support the Communication Skills program, to take advantage of the
program first check with the current Rainbow Meta to find out if funds
are available.

  1. We are setting aside money within the "Rainbow" program for
    developing communication, mediation, and meeting facilitation skills.
    This money is intended to fund members of our communities to go to
    training courses (travel and/or registration costs) or to bring in
    trainers to hold courses in our communities (teaching fees). The FEC
    will pay for up to half the cost, with the rest provided by the cmty or
  2. To qualify as a program which the FEC will help fund, a
    program or trainer must offer a significant program (at least a day
    long) focused on communication, mediation or facilitation. Pre-approved
    programs are listed below. If you'd like the FEC to fund a program not
    on the list below, please contact the executive committee at execcom<!-- -->@<!-- -->
    If members of an FEC community want to attend an outside training with
    FEC support, they need to agree to organize a presentation for their
    home community on the skills they learned away from home.
  3. In addition to money, we will further support the development
    of Communication Skills by allowing members to use FEC dues hours for
    attending such trainings (either inside or outside the cmty) and/or
    teaching such trainings, at a rate of up to half time (that is, one
    hour of attendance or teaching receives half an hour of dues credit).
    The remainder of time may be provided by the cmty or individual.
  4. We recognize that people doing their own Personal Growth work
    also tends to help them get along better with others. Therefore we will
    also allow people to claim dues hours for attending events such as
    cocounseling workshops, Landmark seminars, and other activities that
    they believe will improve their ability to communicate in a healthy way
    with the people around them, at a rate of up to half time, for a total
    of up to 20% of a community's dues hours.

In recognition of Acorn's current severe labor shortage and
high need and desire for personal growth work, at this time Acorn is
permitted to claim up to 100% of their FEC dues hours for personal
growth work, at half credit.



NonViolent Communication

Center for Nonviolent Communication, 2428 Foothill Boulevard, Suite E, La
Crescenta, CA 91214


NVC guides us to reframe how we express ourselves, how we hear
others and resolve conflicts by focusing our consciousness on what we
are observing, feeling, needing, and requesting. Founder Marshall
Rosenberg maintains a steady touring schedule of workshops around the
world. You can also hire a certified trainer to come to your community,
or you can attend an International Intensive Training several times a
year in various locations.


Alpha Institute

Alpha Farm, Deadwood, OR 97430


<!-- --><!-- -->Email:

Caroline Estes and Lysbeth Borie of Alpha Farm (longtime
intentional community) teach excellent workshops on consensus and
Community at Work

1 Tubbs St., San Francisco, CA 94107


<!-- --><!-- -->Email:

Workshops in facilitation skills, building sustainable agreements, organizational development and more.
Dynamic Faciliation

Jim Rough and Associates, 1040 Taylor St., Port Townsend, WA 98368


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Great 4-day trainings in a high-energy approach to releasing group creativity for problem-solving.
Institute for Cultural Affairs (ICA)

ICA/Chicago, 4750 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60640


Offers facilitation and group process trainings in US cities and internationally.
Public Conversation Project

46 Kondazian Street, Watertown, MA 02472

Phone: 617-923-1216

<!-- --><!-- -->Email:

PCP promotes constructive conversations and relationships among
people who have differing values, world views, and perspectives about
divisive public issues such as abortion and gay marriage. Their
trainings are given in most often in Boston but occasionally elsewhere.
Workshops include: Power of Dialogue - Constructive Conversations on
Divisive Issues and Staying Grounded When on the Spot - A Skill
Building Workshop for Facilitators.
Tools for Change Margo Adair, Bill Aal & Associates
Seattle, WA

Phone: 206-329-2201

<!-- --><!-- -->Email:

Web: (full of great resources on group process and the creation of just relations)
Offers customized facilitation and group process training around
the world, with facilitators who've lived communally and have a deep
understanding of power and privilege in group process. They provide
training on conflict resolution, consensus, building collective
coherence, inspiring full participation by transforming patterns of
domination and developing vision.
FIC Process Clearinghouse

The website has a list of facilitators who do trainings. Two very experienced teachers within our network are:

Laird Sandhill<!-- --><!-- --> - Sandhill Farm, 660-883-5543,

Tree Bressen<!-- --><!-- --> (ex-Acorn) - Walnut St. Co-op, 541-484-1156,
Tree also maintains an extensive website with free group process resources at



Mediation Center in Charlottesville, VA

1508 Grady Avenue, Charlottesville, VA 22903


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Dispute Resolution Center

Mediation Center in Richmond, VA

(through the Better Business Bureau of Central Virginia)

701 East Franklin Street, Suite 712, Richmond, VA 23219


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King County Dispute Resolution Center

Workshops include 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training (5 days), Conflict
Resolution Skills for Work and Home (2 days), and Advanced Conflict
Resolution Skills.

P.O. Box 21148, Seattle, WA 98111


<!-- --><!-- -->Email:

University of Missouri (Columbia), School of Law

Continuing Legal Education Programs include Basic Civil Mediation
Training. This 3-day training offers a foundation in conflict,
negotiation and mediation theory and includes interactive role play and
tips on helping parties prepare for mediation. This program meets the
requirements for Court-maintained lists of approved Mediators in
Missouri State and Federal Courts.
Sandra Kubal, 206 Hulston Hall, Columbia, MO 65211

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A list of mediation training videos

Tree Bresson's Group Facilitation Site. Has list of books on facilitation.