What a wonderful conference!

Thank you everyone who had a part to play in such a wonderful conference!

Please email any pictures or stories to bucket@twinoaks.org and i will post them to this and other websites about community.

I would like to thank the following people:
Louisa and Allen for all their very hard work leading up to and during the conference. Marilyn for her creativity in the prepping of the site. Julia for her energy, enthusiasm and hard work. Shal for his careful vigilance. Hawina for her support and knowledge. Moss, Mattea and others who helped paint and liven up the site. Kansas for his plumbing help. Alexis for his strength and knowledge. All the volunteer help we had during the conference. Valerie for finding and scheduling the wonderful workshops. Caroline for managing registration. All the folks that raked and dug and swept and hammered. Louis and McCune for electrical work. Thanks to the wonderful presenters. Thanks to Marta and Roberto for working wth the paperwork and fliers and programs and the open space management... and all the rest for you that helps out so very much!

Thank you so much, you turned this into a mighty success!

Photos of the event to come!


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