Lucky Myth

So i am working on a more complex entry perhaps called betrayal and bolo – so stay tuned for that.  But i did not want to let more time go by without posting and there is a cute myth story running around the Ta Chai living room with me.

So the myth is that we are poor.  Many people in the mainstream, especially friends of members, believe we are in need.

Understandably, they look at our low allowance and generally modest consumption patterns and assume this represents a kind of poverty.

Numerically (which is the most precise and generally least useful) we have a bunch of money in the bank, 450 beautiful acres with a couple dozen high functioning low impact buildings.  There is a weight room and a sauna, fresh grown food for most of the year and membership comes with full medical, dental and home care if needed.

But what is more important is that between the commie clothes library and our fleets of bikes and cars, most members (i believe) dont fell strong desires to have more.

But the myth persists, and combined with our friends generosity and sense of humor we get a bunch of presents.  Today in what is sometimes called “the State Room” Bochie is running around in a Snow White costume that we are convinced was hand and machine sewn by someones 80 year old grandma, perhaps as th last thing she did on this earth.

There are perhaps 2 dozen pairs of high heels mostly in good shape which will look fabulous on Valerie or Mushroom.

But perhaps the most fun was watching Bochie go hunting thru the boxes of handbags and shoes and art supplies, giggling like a slightly crazy child at their best birthday.