additional rules

i did not think love of games was a genetically transmitted trait, but it seems Fabian has it.  After an exciting game of Blokus with Feonix, Micha, Wieneke and Fabian, the boys got down to some serious Yahtzee.

They taught me these lovely additional rules, where if you complete your desired roll configuration before your three rolls are done you can bank your unused roll as a stripe on your score card.  If you want an extra role you can go into debt by placing an egg at the bottom of your score cards.  Eggs cancel stripes, stripes cancel eggs.

Thru some lucky rolls, i got way ahead and on my last roll i had 8 tries to complete my Yahtzee and got it in 6.  So generously i gave one of my stripes to each of Micha and Fabian.

Fabian, who was the last to roll got his desired 4 of a kind without using the stripe i gave him.  But Micha suggested he re-roll the one unmatching dice anyway.  His 2 became a 4 and after the counting, Fabian had won by a single point.

So i said to Micha “i gave him the chance and you gave him the advice and thus Fabian wins.”  And so it is, well beyond Yahzee, these additional rules for life.

Fabian and Paxus playing Chess on the Ferry w/ Micha and Feonix on phone