Radical Reading

A whack job preacher from Florida is getting a lot of ink about planning to burn Korans.  I’ve been reading the popular press about it and there is a group which is giving away Korans.  But what is not happening is that no one has been proposing that we start actually reading the Koran.

We have lots of people talking about intolerance, but we dont have anyone talking about increasing understanding.

I was chatting with my jewish friend Mordecia about starting study groups, where Iman’s and other Muslim leaders help direct christians and jews to find the most revealing portion of this holy book.  9/11 was not committed by Muslims, it was committed by political radicals.  A strong case can be made that America had created the climate with which these people commit this act.

But if we are serious about moving past 9/11, then we need to actually understand what people from other belief system see.