being a “Yes.”

“Let’s wrestle!” Willow says excitedly from Sky’s room with an excited Emerson looking on.


“Sure.” And after a brief and highly incomplete discussion about the rules, i start rough housing with both of these kids.  One of the growth areas for me as a parent is being available to be interrupted from the many busy illusions which distract me.  i try, really try, to be a yes to my son as often as i can.  I am willing to accept this has a spoiling effect (tho comically after getting permission form me for a lollypop for dessert last night, he then went and asked permission from Sky as well, go figure).  What i want Willow to walk away with it the idea that if he invites me to do something, even something silly or if i seem busy, he will generally get an affirmative answer.

In improv one of the cardinal rules is you accept all offers.  This is how things move forward, how you take theatrical chances.  With kids, or at least with my very specific kid, it is how i stay connected to what is real and important.