Islands and Highlands

i am not much of a drinker.  But we make exceptions in exceptional cases.  Milo has come to visit and help Sapphyre with the electrical work around the farm.  There was a bottle of single malt scotch whiskey involved.

“i dont want seaweed in my scotch!” Milo explained emphatically as he described the difference between brews made on the islands versus mainland of Scotland.  Apparently the roughest job in the distillery is cleaning the vats (which Milo did for a while), then there is shoveling the barley.  Despite the fact that shoveling the barley is done inside the oven where it is cooking over burning peat, it is still much nicer than cleaning the vats.

Part of the flavor of scotch comes from the peat which is used to cook the barley.  For scotch which is made on the Scotish islands, this peat is largely made from seaweed.

As Milo explains.  “It is good that there are people who prefer Island Scotch, it means they wont drink mine.”