Do you believe in Magic?

“You play magic?” Claire’s friend asks excitedly. “I brought my decks.”

Four years ago no one played magic at either Acorn on Twin Oaks.  Spot introduced me to the game and it turned out several people had played in the past, including importantly Gpaul.  Hawina and i learned from Spot and then started playing around here.  Willow was the first kid to play with us, then Jonah caught on, soon Rowan would follow.  Now there are games here all the time and at least occasionally at Acorn as well.

It is a complicated game, unlike Chess or Go, the rules are changing each turn and the players do not play by the same rules.  New member Tim had the slightly heart breaking news this evening that many of the cards in my favorite deck are banned (artifact lands, if you must know).

We have made up some of our own rules.    You can get stuck in magic if you dont have enuf lands in your hand.  Since our objective is to have fun – which usually means having a close game, if you get stuck because you have not drawn a land you need, we let you search for one to get your game going again.  At the risk of offending someone, i dubbed this the “Armenian Rule”.  For along time this as just our generally accepted practice, but with some more serious players in our midst now we distinguish between “friendly games” where the Armenian rule applies and “unfriendly games” where if you have bad luck you are just stuck.

Claire’s guest was not surprised to get beat by my soon to be 9 year old son.  Heck, he beats me half the time and i studied game theory.