a most subversive act

Egyptian kisses riot police

Egypt is on the verge of revolution.

Eqyption Protestors atop tanks

And the media machine tries to define my religion.  The following picture has it’s original caption.


Anarchy: Law and order has completely broken down, as this dancing youth proves

And the state chooses to protect capital.


Protect the treasure


The current protests in Egypt threaten to unseat dictator Hosni Mubarak. But perhaps the real story is more regional. The following is one of 7 reasons given by the Huffington Post as to why Egypt matters:


The protestors have said that they were inspired by the successful revolution in Tunisia, which ousted authoritarian President Ben Ali. Since the protests began, there have been similar protests in Yemen, and Jordan has been mentioned an another possible target for popular protests. If Egypt were to fall, it could give momentum to popular uprisings throughout the region. According to Foreign Policy, there are many young, angry Arab populations ready to protest: “The unhappy youth in Tunisia are not alone in the Arab world. On Jan. 25, tens of thousands of young Egyptians took to the pavement in Cairo and other major Egyptian cities in the largest challenge to President Hosni Mubarak’s regime in a generation. Other crowds have shaken the streets of Sanaa, Algiers, and Amman. And rather than the Arab world’s usual suspects — bearded Islamists or jaded leftists — it is young people, angry at the lack of economic opportunity available to them, who are risking their lives going up against police forces.”