Not the Akashic Record

i have an obsession with social networks.  Done right, they are a revolutionary tool of immense power.  And of course, so far, we are not really doing them right.  We are great at sharing vignettes of our lives our inviting people to events, but they are doing little to organize us by affinities or meet the real needs of the participants.

A friend screwed up an entry on FB and then chastised co-self in a  subsequent entry.  I recommended that they delete both entries and put in just one corrected one.  Just like i encourage people to defriend regularly, i want to support the idea that FB is not the Akashic records (where all knowledge  is saved) and instead is a dynamic graffiti wall, where stuff goes up and down quickly.  Dont blink you’ll miss it.

Akashic records circa 1250 AD

Akashic records 2.0 circa 2011

PS dont bother searching for the mistaken post, they deleted both their entries and mine chastising them.  The revolution is self correcting.