Jersey Diner

There are things which happen at my house that just don’t happen most places.  i woke up yesterday morning to find a full fledge New Jersey diner had appeared in my living room and kitchen.  Couches and coffee tables had disappeared and been replaced by dining tables and straight backed chairs.  But more dramatic was the appearance of a handful of cooks and waitresses decked out in aprons in lipstick and thick Jersey accents.

Sadly no pictures were taken of this event - that i saw

Coffee and bacon were dispensed (which does not normally happen here at all).  Biddy’s killer coffeecake was on hand.   The service was highly in character.  When i went into the kitchen to get Angie a cup of coffee, i was told repeatedly “Get out of the kitchen!”.  When one of the waitresses asked me “You need anything? Sugar” i quipped “How about your phone number?” she jutted her hip to one side, smiled and said “You got it honey” and was gone.

By noon the lipstick and tables had vanished.  Only the stories remained.