Radical Translucency

i love to gossip.  In my formative years my political mentor Crystal Gray said “gossip is the fabric of community” and i cling to this notion.

The Translucency Group is the current name of a group so controversial it keeps changing its name in a fashion similar to the way Windscale became Sellafield after their reactor fire in 1957 (or more contemporarily the way Phillip Morris became Altria) .  Over the last two and a half years what started as Smackdown became Pizza Club then Policy Club and Pizza Policy Gossip Club and until a month ago it was Pizza Secrets.  Now to mock my involvement in 4 different transparency groups, this club “which does not have meetings” is comically distinguishing itself from these other groups that only i attend from the Pizza Club regulars..

But this is not an idle group which chats aimlessly.  We have an agenda, typically of 40 plus topics.  Regular sections including the dynamics of community population – who is coming? who is leaving (sprint versus marathon)? what new romances have started? who has broken up and why? who has run afoul of our agreements? and what has been up seriously recently is the stuff about Jack which i wrote about in other posts.

Bochie (the only other founding member from the smackdown days) manages the clip board containing the detailed agenda which has recently failed to remind us of the need to bring canvas bags into town for shopping and includes the infamous “Isle of Sorrow” for great ideas which never quite make it off the drawing board (like the half complete conflict of interest policy).

Dave is our man.  He is the pizza artist at the local restaurant Roma’s which has the best pizza in this part the world, without doubt.    One of the smartest things Pizza Club ever did was to chip in to get a hammock for Dave early in our entanglement with him.  The service has been amazing ever since.  Dave comes out to our table and brings our three classical pizza’s (large black olives and mushrooms, pesto, shrimp and bacon and the infamous “Dave’ gourmet”) along with a double order of garlic rolls.  We can’t begin to finish this amount of food (despite Translucency Group being up to 4 members now, with occasional guest stars) so we bring boxes home to several happy communards who appreciate Dave’s art.

So if it is Monday around 5 PM eastern and you have some hot gossip, come to upstairs Ta Chai and we can serve it with hot pizza.