Return to Diablo Canyon

I have not been able to guess the city i was going to sleep in for the last couple of days. i woke up this morning at approximately absurd o’clock in San Jose at a Motel 6 saving me several hours of drive time. David picked me up with Lisa Ruth and Umy (pronounced U-me) and a bunch of giant puppets in Rebecca Solnit’s station wagon.

We went to San Luis Obispo, got there early, hung out on the wrong pier and went in search of the action.  We constructed the puppets. i screwed up by brushing leaves off Umy without asking permission to touch her.  I wore a giant puppet which had wonderful breeze and sun proection on the hot beach near the unsafe reactor complex.

The puppets were loved our little group drove back up to Santa Cruz after stopping in Castroville and getting tremendous artichokes (perhaps because Lisa Ruth spoke fluent spanish, had a mexican tin heart on her chest and is totally enchanting when she wants to be).

We had a wonderful dinner with Rabbit an Margannn. And even more wonderful was the conversation in the hot tub with bunny about life, the universe and getting Larry Page to fund this pie in the sky social networking site which catalyzes sharing.