The lies we tell ourselves

There while the mainstream media has largely lost interest, there is still lots of  news about Fukushima and today i just got this especially disturbing piece.

Rainwater samples taken in San Francisco April 6 measured an increase of 18,100% above Federal standards and included measures of radioactive caesium and Tellurium-132.  From Freedom Against Censorship Thailand (FACT)

i was in San Francisco this morning and mentioned this to my friends Modok and Dianne and who asked me to forward her the article, which i did.  And then i realized that i had not seen anything about this in the various materials i had been reading.  I have been lucky enuf to get much of the daily internal  reporting from Greenpeace on the Fukushima meltdowns. So, I went on a little hunt, looking for 18,100% and Tellurium (named after an especially nasty guy).  It turns out that this article has been reposted in a bunch of places, but at least the section of SF rainwater contamination is not reported anywhere else, virtually insuring it is not true.  The UC Berkeley nuclear engineering department (right across the bay from San Francisco) reports that radiation was actually dropping on April 6th when this spike was supposedly occurring.

This article oddly from Thailand goes on to claim that on April 12th China put a 20 month moratorium on new construction.  There are no April 12 news stories which confirm this and given the billions riding on China’s nuclear program, there is no chance this went unreported.  In other words the authors just made it up.

What does appear to be true is that TEPCO’s plan for containing the accident in the next 9 months is a PR fantasy.

That radiation levels are so high at the stricken reactors that robots need to be used because humans can not enter.

There is some good news in that the radioactive waste water storage unit has been repaired and is filling with the first 10K tons of water from unit 2 (indicating the beginning of earnest clean up efforts rather than just dumping into the sea).  The bad news is that reactor 2 is much more damaged than originally believed with very high concentrations of radioactivity near the spent fuel pools.

Despite the MSM claims to the contrary, the situation is not under control, still.  And it certainly does not help that nuclear critics are just making stuff up which is getting reposted all over the internet without serious review.