Non-believers and anti-science

Over a score years back, i was visiting my new lover Sigrid in Santa Cruz and i had a sore throat and i was complaining about it.  In the right circumstances, i can be an annoying wuss.  This was one of those days.

“You have two choices” Sigrid Finally said “You can either stop complaining, or you can let me treat you.”

I knew that really only represented one option and replied “Treat me”

But then my skeptical science mind retorted “But you know that i dont believe what you do works?”

“You are in luck” she smiled back at me “it works even if you dont believe in it”

Sigrid was an acupuncturist.  She used pins and small lances to treat me.  Before she cut me she said.

“I am going to cut the inside edge of your thumb just below the nail and you will bleed brown”

“And my name is Mickey Mouse” i offered unhelpfully.  She was undetered

She cut two small holes in my thumbs and my blood emerged the brownest i had ever seen it.

But more importantly, my throat felt immediately some better.  And in two hours the irritation was all but gone.

Sigrid and cool kids

Hawina and i have a “No dying” agreement.  Both of us have committed to the other that we are not going to die, especially because we are part of this family (with Sky) who are bringing up this kid together.   Hawina takes this responsibility serious (as with many things i am not working the problem very hard).  Recently, because of my frequent cell phone use and computer use she got me a biofield protector that

” working like a series of optimally vibrating tuning forks to constantly resonating with, tune, enhance and support the body’s own natural healthy frequencies.”  Qlink website

i say nonsense.  And as i was so powerfully wrong about acupuncture, i am certainly not beyond trying new things i dont understand or even believe in.  Which is not to say i am going to try blood letting for things which might ail me.

the pendant currently on round my neck

I took a little quiz when i put it on and you are supposed to notice the effects when you take it off for a while.  i will keep you in the loop