Another dwarf meme – 10% cut in military

Contemporary revolutionaries are memetic designers.  The idea is to craft some culturally contagious. self replicating construct which changes the way we live.  The bigger ones of these we affectionately refer to as super memes.  These would include the sexual revolution, industrial capitalism, Islam and 12 step programs.  These are belief sets which are crafted by individuals, released into the world and change the world by being adopted.

warning: memes alter reality

So you want to be opportunistic, you want to look for the low hanging fruit.  If the desired effect is  to bring the troops back home, then the easiest way to do that is to propose to cut the military by 10%.  This represents about $66 billion from this years DOD budget.  More than all the proposed current cuts to social services combined (but less than half of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts of $130 billion).

You would want to get some movers and shakers to sign on – MoveOn perhaps.  But you could just try to rouge it as a Facebook group.  You need a clever cover page and graphic and see how far it goes, see who shows up and has energy for the idea.  I am focusing more on nukes than war these days, but it seems like a great opportunity for organizing.  What would it mean to get 5 or 15 million people to suggest cutting the military budget by 10%?

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This book might just change how you think about thinking

One of the most radical and interesting books i have ever read.  Blackmore contends that agriculture is a poor choice of behaviors from a genetics perspective (work is harder, early farmers clearly die younger), but is compelling from a memetics view in that the idea entraps the humans to develop it.  She argues the brain is bigger than it need be (and dangerous at birth) for the minimal communication needed for animals like us, without the complex social and linguistic overlay.    Baby human heads are too large to be born complete and even dangerous in the size they currently have, when contrasted to any other animal.

She fails in the end to deliver an inspiring message about these discoveries, because she dismisses the idea that memes can be crafted and falls into a sort of Zen detachment.  Other than that, an inspiring read.