Daily rituals

i get on a computer and open 4 browser tabs: gmail, wordpress, facebook and google news.  It is thru these portals that i see the world.  News sometimes drives the blog, emails drive everything. Facebook is a kingdom onto itself.

i had an incredibly bad morning the other day.  i went to the Dominion Shareholders mtg and spoke (as i have for the last 6 years) and pointed out how foolish the proposed new reactor at North Anna is, especially in the context of Japan and Germany reversing course.  But the shareholder resolution i was responsible for failed to garner the 5% it needed to be carried over.  And Dominion CEO Tom Farrell was an evasive prick.  i left in deep doubt about my role in this style of activism and nearly in tears as i drove from the Boars Head inn.

I came back to Twin Oaks to our monthly Star family adventure.  We went canoeing down the South Anna river (which is fortunately upstream from the reactor complex on the same river shed).  And we had a blast.  It was mildly adventurous in that finding a picnic place required climbing over fallen trees and not slipping in the treacherous mud.   We were playful and connected.  Willow wanted to go to the tea party in the trees site, so we swung in hanging chairs which are pierced over a small branch of the river.

we caught no fish on this trip - but i love this picture

[Insert Kevin's picture of Stars in Canoe here]

After the Star adventure i had the Strawberry picking flash mob action.  Which was a blast.

After that i had a small and insightful Not Forum, where i got in touch both with my appreciation for Sara, but also Hawina said a very sweet thing about her and i doing god and goddess performances for Beltane gracefully.

After that i had an incredible sexual experience which is not really your business.

And in the last moments before i fell to sleep i thought. “This morning was terrible, really one of the worsts experiences of mine in the last few years.  And overall the day was amazing.  And on what are my worst days, i am still doing far better than most people are on their best days.”