Post Rapture Looting

There is some dispute about the raptures timing.  The least plausible theory, oft advanced on Facebook, the fountain of hopelessly unreliable information, is that at 6PM Eastern US Time on May 21st it will start in New Zealand and then chase around the world by time zone.  Only slightly less probably is the generally held belief by some small whack job Xians that it will happen globally instantaneously tomorrow.  What Jesus clearly said about this topic is “i will come like a thief in the night and no one will know when.”

But assuming the datists have it right, we have signed out cars to go looting.  Now we are going to ignore the fact that statistically were 144K Xian’s world wide to vanish, locally you might loose one cash register operator, in a town three over.  It is much more exciting to imagine great swaths of Xian bookstores being empty (look for furniture, not for reading material).  Churches all depopulated (maybe some cool art).  This is like a peak day people, think big.