311 is not 911

The Japanese public television advanced crew came thru.  Paul, the Yankee translator converted my words to something the director could understand.  Alternating translation is frustrating to many, but it is definitely one of my strengths.  When i learned it in the Czech Republic, i needed to use it in debate with pro nuclear Czech nationals.  So i needed to be information rich, and i needed to use all the time which was spent translating to compress my thoughts to highly information rich bursts which the translator would spend twice as long explaining as i did speaking them originally.

The media people always come with a story, they have written at least part of the story before they arrive.  We are supposed to prove that some thesis of the story is write.  The thesis of their story is that the tsunami-earthquake of 3/11 was as transformative event for Japan as 9/11 was for the US.  I told them i disagreed.

I told them that 9/11 permitted the civil  and legal rights of many US Americans  and even more internationals to be violated.  I said i was hopeful that 3/11 would lead the Japanese people to throw out nuclear power all together as the Germans have.  I could already see that i was not inside the conscripted story line.

i told them about sharing systems, about reduced carbon foot print about how our needs get met with just 17 cars (instead of 67 which our mainstream counter parts in similar number own).  And i showed them our bike system and commie clothes.  They were pretty excited, they are confident at least one reporter will come out with the director and camera person.

The line which shocked them was my last.  “The UN’s IPCC says we must reduce our carbon footprint by 2050 by 80%.  No one thinks they can do this, but we are proving here it can be done and it is accessible.”