European Birthday

When i lived in Arnhem, the Netherlands about 20 years ago, i was involved with Wieneke and one day we went to see her crafty mother.  During our visit we were talking about various things and she brought up the topic of drivers licenses.

“Oh i have never seen a US drivers license, do you have one?” She asked me

Quick to please (when i can) i pulled mine out of my wallet and showed it to her and after she briefly inspected it, i put it away and did not think about it again.  Until the following June 3rd.

On that day Wieneke’s mom showed up and said “Happy birthday!”

“But my birthday is in March” i replied in a confused manner.

“No it is not!” she retorted, “i looked at your drivers license it said 3 6 57?

Wieneke and i started laughing.

“What is so funny?” her mom demanded.

Of course the Europeans use a different date formatting convention than the yanks.  They actually use the far more reasonable DD/MM/YY format, which is a regular progression, is easier to sort for both computers and people and is how you read date.  Here in America, just like we cling to the ridiculous imperial measurement system (which the Queens England gave up decades ago) we use a dating format which is clumsy and slightly foolish.

Never one to miss an opportunity for a party however, i embraced my European birthday (if you were born before the 13th of the month, you have one too) and celebrate it sporadically.

Today’s celebration is with Hawina in Fredrick MD where we are at the Best Western hotel.  Tomorrow we will do a craft fair here.  If you are in the area, swing by and buy a hammock or say “hi” or bring some inspiring or brilliant story to share.

Speaking of brilliant stories it turns out that my European Birthday is also my Wedding anniversary.  Hawina and i have been together legally for a dozen years now as of today.