Best Mulberry Tree

There is a Mad Magazine cartoon in which there are 4 restaurants lined up on a block. The first says “Best Restaurant in the city” the next one reads “Best Restaurant in the country” the third claims “Best Restaurant in the World” and the fourth modestly pronounces “Best Restaurant on the block”

One of the differences between European and US culture is the american obsession with lists and ranking.  The ten worst dressed, the 40 best business schools, the top ranked restaurants.   These are the subjects of many US newspaper or popular magazine stories.  The Europeans seem to understand that these rankings are a crass attempt to put multidimensional evaluations on a single axis.

We have an amazing mulberry tree here near the pond.  It is better than the one near the auto and bike shop called Modern Times.  It is better, especially this year, than the very convenient central courtyard mulberry tree.  For reasons which are unclear, birds do not descend on any of these trees despite their ample fruit.   The fruit is long and large and plentiful and this year  a couple of branches have broken and there is lots near the ground, ideal for kids and short people.

“Emerson was the great thinker. Thoreau was the great doer and Whitman was the great writer.  Together they are the holy trinity of the Transcendentalists”  Rayne was quoting to Kevin as she encouraged him to read these masters during his quick coming leave from the community where he will be in a cabin in the woods.  Literary critique with tasty fruit, life is rich here.

There is an etiquette to picking berries on a collectively harvested community tree.  Pick the highest berries you can reach.  This insures that when kids or smaller people come to the branches there are more berries that they can reach.  This consideration is important not just for living tightly together, but for a world on a collision course with resource scarcity.

One of my favorite activities with Premin is she reads my tarot cards.  She uses the Osho deck and while i was exploring future possibilities we kept getting The Fool card and Schizophrenia in important places.  I dont think this is about loosing my mind.  But rather giving up control and taking chances.  Perhaps writing a pamphlet on sharing systems.