Confirmed Workshops!


While the structure of the Communities Conference is the same every year -- people arrive Friday afternoon, "Meet the Communities" happens Saturday morning, there's a dance party Saturday evening, etc. -- much of the content of the conference changes from year to year. We are always reaching out to new people to lead workshops. In the last few weeks, we've gotten some exciting confirmations on workshops. Here is the latest scoop for you all about what to expect at the conference:

Laird Schaub of Sandhill Community in Missouri will be leading three workshops:

Conflict: Fight, Flight, or Opportunity?
Community: Start One or Join One?
How to Handle Diversity in Community

Laird will also be running the Federation of Intentional Communities (FIC) bookshelf and benefit auction.

Ma'ikwe Schaub Ludwig from Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Missouri will be a panelist in the workshop on Dark Green Ecovillages.

Joy Truskowski will be facilitating a workshop on "Doing a communities tour in the age of the internet." Joy will also be screening her documentary, "Seeking the Good Life in America," in which she tours Twin Oaks, Acorn, and Light Morning Communities.