Epic Party

I have long wanted to go to one of Bonnie Rovics parties.  Bonnie was one of the first people i ever spoke with who instantly understood funology when i described it to her.  She is a gifted practicing funologist.

What some people thought made it epic were the tremendous costumes people were wearing.  The JD and band downstairs, the roving photographer and the acoustic musical performers upstairs.

One of the many nice shots by David Burnsides

What i appreciated with the cross cultural piece of the event.  Bonnie organizes in Jamacia Plane which is both a mixed ethnic and multi class neighborhood.  There were her friends and allies attending.  Plus the downstairs neighbors who share the house with her and were a significant part of the party invited their friends from different social groups as well.  It was an activist and actor crowd by in large.  We had burning man representatives, circus folx, musicians and theatre troop people.

Bonnie’s favorite pat of the party is most hosts worst nightmare, the arrival of the police with a neighbors complaint.  Bonnie is a long time local organizer in Jamacia Plane, she has worked with many police officers and is more than comfortable with them.  In her leather corset she of coruse offered to turn down the music, but organizer that she is engaged the willing officers in a conversation about gentrification of the neighborhood.  Ultimately, the police would tell her who the person that complained was (which is of course taboo).

Also by David Burnsides

i told stories, enjoyed the improvisational musicians, talked about the commune and sharing systems and had a grand time at a seriously parallel party that i did not have to do any more organizing for than helping with the clean up.