The Power of Parody

There is a new video for supporting Wikileaks.  It is a fantastic parody of the MasterCard “priceless” ads.

Some who see this video will likely take exception to the idea that Wikileaks should be taking credit for the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East.  But it turns out if you ask people from this region, almost 60% of those sampled believe wikileaks played a role in the fall of the government in Tunisia and the demonstrations in other Arab countries.

It is not just Arab World polls which give credit for the Tunisian revolution.  Teetering Libyan strongman Qaddafi blamed Wikileaks for the dictators fall.  What is interesting about these diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks about Tunisia, is that what they are mostly describing is the reasons that Tunisians are legitimately upset with their (now) past government, especially the opulence of the first family.  There is a wild echo chamber effect going on here, where the diplomat says why the people are rightly angry and the people read it and respond by over throwing their government.

Indeed the truth (even your own) can set you free.