This is what a revolution looks like – Bastille Day on the farm

One of the nicest things you can say to a propagandist is “do you take suggestions?”  Today Tony who has been reading this blog came up and said

“Do you take suggestions on your blog?

“Of course, what did you have in mind?” my spirits lifted

“Thursday is Bastille Day and you should write about it.  And i am organizing the happy hour and i will do something on this theme as well.” my fellow commundard told me.

“Excellent.”  when people want to celebrate popular uprisings, i am happy.

17 May 1789 they free a nearly empty jail and gained munitions

So Wikipedia tells us that in 1789 the storming of the prison/armory in Paris was the death blow to Feudalism and marked the transition into the modern democratic state.  I maybe an anarchist, but this is a huge improvement in things.  Viva la revolutcion

But then not 2 hours later i run into Tony again who says “i have figured it out”

“At happy hour on Bastille Day?” i guess

“Yes!” co explained “We are going to storm the steam table at 6:25 for seconds!”

i nearly lost it.

It is some mark of the good life that the most effective rallying call in our mini-state is to challenge our agreements about when you can go back to get seconds at dinner.  Almost everyone has a greater petition with their employer/tenants/community.

It is days like Bastille Day that remind me how lucky i am to be here.

5 countriew and 50 US cities celebrate this event