Funological Heavy Artillery

Transformus was wonderful. This regional Burning Man event held near Asheville NC had a nice mix of Rainbow Gathering features with the classic burn aspects.  Set in a lush forest environment the approximately 2000 participants listened to music (a bit too much techno for my tastes), swam in the pond, watched bizarre and wonderful fire acts (including toasting marshmallows with a flame thrower) and did the festival thing for the weekend.

Burning Man and Rainbow events both have no cash internal economies.  Gifting is encouraged and the guy giving out free chocolate covered banana’s was a big hit.

Transformus 2011 - Photo Joseph Schepps

Sky, Kassia, Sara and i were part of the You Are Beautiful camp, which was significantly organized by our friend and ex-Oaker Free.  This years YAB camp had a hot tub in it, running from heated river water from the near by stream.  This of course was a big hit, but not without it’s problems.  The installation was called “Spare Womb” and had massage tables and a chill atmosphere.  But of course some festival goers were interested in either monopolizing the tub or using it for more rowdy purposes than originally intended.  At one point Free and other camp organizers had to throw out a group of tub users witht he excuse of needing to clean the tub to take back control of it.

Funologically, this tub was a big complicated installation.  It required tending as well as a willingness to keep pulling its use back to the intended purposes.  And despite some disappointment early on, overall the organizers succeeded in making this work.  Of course there are lots of tiny funological tools at use.  Party Liberation Front (PLF) from Richmond had a hung picture frame in their space with a label “kissing booth” on it and friends and strangers would pop into this frame and take advantage of the opportunity to smooch.

Much more to say on all of this, but wanted to get the first report out.