August is a harvest of errors

In 1990, i was in a Budapest cafe with a young revolutionary peppering him with questions about how they had overthrown the government.  i ordered an orange juice. He was having a beer.  i moved to touch our glasses and he pulled his away from me.  He told me that in memory of the fallen Hungarian martyrs of 1849, they did not clink their glasses together.

I was struck by this.  What 18 year old in the US does not do something because of an event which happened over 100 years ago that they can name?  Outside of certain religious groups and perhaps the military, i could not think of any.  It was at this point that i realized the structural difference between Europeans and US americans.   The Europeans are framed by their history. The yankees are looking forward on to the next big thing.

It is somewhat in this yankee spirit that i blog – charging forward.  When i thought i had been hacked, i wrote a story about it, only to be reminded by Gpaul that i had put this filter on myself and google was just now reminding me that it was there after several years.  Similarly, a single WSJ article on how Japan was not actually suffering from 2/3s of its reactors being down sparked a post, which i then appended several times after it went up.  It was the image search that got me several of the more interesting links to this and other articles.  While the google news and web searches tend to parrot high traffic/mainstream sites, the image search digs into all manner of strange micro blogs and obscure sites.

i want to try to blog everyday and this exacerbates my sloppy/reckless tendencies.   I am offering stories, news and propaganda – careful fact checking, not so much.  Like when Will told me this Fukushima induced west coast study of spiked infant mortality i linked to was crap.  Or when Angie pointed out my Wikipedia Vanity page had not outstripped my official entry in google rankings. I am pretty quick to print corrections, but tend not to pull down the surrounding story (like the one of Rutabaga’s history with the commune).

ripe errors ready for picking

i am calling August of this year a harvest of errors.  The Czech month name for August is harvest, which seems in the moment the best thing to do with reckless errors.