Reve Reviews

As a funologist  i am always looking for new metrics.  In this dwarf science we are building, figuring out how to measure fun and craft it into events is central to our experimental success.  The third annual Acorn Reve the other night was quite useful in this regard.

A metric we discovered for grading a party as successful to participants is:

“No one wants to take the first shuttle home.”

i was the shuttle driver and honcho for this event.  We decided that we wanted a kids shuttle at 7, two adult ones at 8 and 9 PM and then bring the kids back at 9:30 so the adults can get crazy (Willow of course dodged the return kid shuttle and stayed well into the adult craziness, i think it is genetic, or perhaps plasmids).  It being a rave format, we thought we could start bring people home at Midnight, with subsequent shuttles at 1, 2 and 3 AM.

Rick was my big ally and committed to staying being a safe driver and missing out on some of the intoxicating festivities.  So i drove about half of these shuttles and went around telling folx some sets of minutes before that they could go.  at around 11:30 i thought i had 4 people who were coming back.  At midnight, they had all changed their mind.  The small rain had vanished the DJs (including Sky with his new DJ deck) we wonderful and the scene was precious. Lots of jumping on trampoline and dancing wildly and cuddling under high tents and expressive conversation and laughter.  i certainly did not want to leave.