Biddy’s Buttons

Biddy makes buttons to celebrate various different occasions on the commune.    She chronicles both head-achy and joyous events.  One of the coveted ones is “Scabies Xmas 2010?  Most recently she has produced three new buttons [photos to come] which say “WTQ 5.8 4.5 40 2.5 2.3? which is short for “What the Quake” and the earthquake reading and the 4 largest aftershocks (after about a week) and “Earthquake” and “Broken Glass with the time and date of the quake.

The last one is especially clever, but only makes sense if you have lived or visited here.  Lot so people go barefoot here at all different times of year.  To support these people when some drops a glass or breaks a plate they put  up a sign int he area, with the time and date “Broken Glass 8/12 2 PM”.  So our barefoot communards know to be cautious in this area, because the clean up may have been incomplete.

“What the Quake” (WTQ for short) is the labor code for all the clean up work which is being done.  My guess is it will end up being several hundred hours, i have taken a bunch and i am not much of a cleaner.