Good News

We are playing this complicated game in which we are trying to get the media to pressure the nuclear utility to tell the truth.  Usually, the utility wins this game.  Reactors get huge subsidies from tax payers who pay to insure them  and to deal with most of the waste costs, while the nuclear utilities profit by not having to pay for these business costs.  This news, that reactors are fundamentally uneconomic, we usually cant get thru.  But today we won one of these fights.

Forbes Reports “Dominion spokesman Rick Zuercher said the company did inspect some underground pipes that it thought would be most vulnerable to an earthquake.”

Even better came from Richmond TV 6  “There was some question about underground piping and we have not inspected all of those, obviously,” said Zuercher

This was deeply satisfying for those of us who had watched Dominion dodge the issue of inspecting these pipes completely, that they finally admitted that yes there are these underground pipes, which they are not inspecting.

There were other satisfying parts as well.  When a reporter started trying to tell me that electricity prices were going to go up because Dominion had to buy replacement power to the tune of over $1 million a day because these reactors were down.  I got furious over the phone and i told him Dominion should have considered this when they started lying about the fault lines under the reactor. I said that i did not care how much money Dominion was loosing and that my health and my sons safety were more important than corporate profits.  The reporter was clearly rattled by my anger and did not really recover during the rest of the interview.  Perhaps i should be more compassionate, but i am just unwilling to accept Dominions profitability as principal argument for restarting these dangerous reactors.

i was the police liaison for this action so i have a brief conversation with the Richmond Police and my old pal Vic Slade who is now the head of corporate security for Dominion.  It is Vic who i am shaking hands with in the picture about.  Vic occasional reminds me that he fought to maintain my right to free speech and assemble.  Personally, i had not feared any of these Constitutional rights were being threatened by any foreign power that  our adventurous military has attacked in the last few decades.  But for these brief polite interactions this seemed an unimportant point.