Czech Born? And Prophetic Month Success

The town i live in is sufficiently small that the local news paper recently spelled it’s local news section “Commuity” in 24 point type.  This same section had a picture of me saying that i was a Czech born, internationally famous anti-nuclear activist in conjunction with the efforts to keep the reactors at North Anna closed.  Given that my public profile on Facebook reports my hometown as Brno, Czech Republic it is not too surprising that that this might be misreported.

So i was wrong twice about Qaddafi.  I predicted Qaddafi would fall in March of 2011, and then again in Sept 2011, it took till yesterday in October.  I did predict Mubarak’s fall before it happened within the month of Feb of 2011.  And my happiest correct prediction happened today.  I had named this October “No Restart“, hoping against hope that the NRC would do the right thing and not let the recently close North Anna reactors reopen.  We found out at the end of September that the earliest possible restart date would be Oct 21 after the hearing at the NRC headquarters in Rockville MD. I had assumed with every politician in Virginia in its pocket, Dominion would be able to force the often pliable NRC into restarting these reactors.

But my assumption was wrong and today the NRC did block the restart of these blocks until the end of November. [i was advised to brush my hair before the press conference, clearly this detail got left out.]  Here is another story in the Fredricksberg Freelance Star

One funny thing about the NBC 29 news story is Dominion tells us to take our complaints up with the NRC, which is exactly what we did yesterday and asked them not to let the site restart (which the NRC has done) until after there were public hearings (which the NRC is now are requiring).  Let’s see how long the regulator can hold up in front of the political pressure.  But for the moment i am failing to resist the temptation to gloat.

See the NOOFL blog post with our demands to the NRC.