K Shift Cacophony

“I am fast and i am sloppy” i confessed to dish washing partner Son, who is a relatively new member of the community.  “This means there is an additional inspection burden on you, dont hesitate to reject anything and check more diligently than you would with a more thorough dish washer. ” Son was down and put on some of his signature Blues.

Christina was bemused by my crashing around and dishes flying.  And i broke down the washer – dishes complete – after just 40 minutes, we walked out of the kitchen triumphant before 8 PM.  There was much rejoicing.

I dont think i am the fastest K-shifter anymore.  I lost my edge when we changed machines.  On the old machine i could get much more in, including baking trays which now have to be washed by hand completely.  With Pele i used to finish in between 43 and 55 minutes.  We owned the shift, no one could touch me.

Jeff Kozney did the Visions of Utopia video, which has strange footage of my cacophonous performance doing dishes.  i dont think you can really appreciate it unless you are close enuf to get wet.