Celebrating Failure

Abigail and I have bought matching silver rings as a symbol of our devotion to each other And we are firmly committed to having ownership of these rings be a positive experience, despite both of our tendencies to loose objects like these. So what does “design for failure” mean in this case? It means because we are confident that we will loose them, our agreement is to craft a celebration for immediately after it happens. To make it a light festive burden, we are specifying as little as possible about it now. All we currently know is the first time we see each other after either of us looses a ring, we will have an awesome celebration. Perhaps this will promote reckless behavior (which given the rings were $20 for 2 is not so terrible), more likely it will heighten the prospect for generosity.

We have bought rings before. Abigail was interested in a wedding ring and her primary partner understandably thought this was frivolous, since they were not getting married. I, on the other hand, jumped at the opportunity to get her a ring of anytype and while we were at Ganas on Staten Island I bought her a $4 wooden ring.

The important part is not the rings, but the design for failure meme. i would counsel you ponder unalterable tricky behaviors of your own and design a self awareness reward for experiencing it and being at peace with your failures.