A night in the Cville Jail w/ Occupy

i did not think i was going to make it.  i had gone to Richmond to rescue Helm from the bus station and a crashed tanker truck blocked my exit and forced me into town.  It looked like i would be late for the 11 PM withcing hour that the Cville police had set up for clearing out the Occupy movement from Lee Park.

So i called Sue from Little Flower Catholic Worker and said “as an experienced activist, how long do you think it will be before they start busting each other?”  It was 9:30 which i called.  Sue observed that the police and media were already in position.  The protesters were ready and technically the park closes at 11 PM and the permit (which Occupy Cville never asked for) expired today.

i rushed back to Twin Oaks, dropped off a sick Helm, picked up a helpful Edmund and Emily and rushed on to Cville hoping i would be in time to get arrested.  Okay, i get that most people are not rushing off to get arrested.  But i had multiple motivations.

First, it was the first time Sara and i would have ever gotten arrested together.  As recently as the day before Sara had been reminding me that i had not actually done much for Occupy Cville, in stark contrast to her involvement (which of course she did not mention, nor did she need to).

Second, of course i want to blog about it.  Aboiut how effective (or not) non-violent arrest actions are in changing the political conversations abut a myriad of issues.

Third,  want to be part of this wild meme which unfolding called Occupy.

We spend hours before being released.  The cops were not too bad, tho one young cop freaked and put Shelly into a compliance hold when she was not resisting and got her screaming across Lee Park.

i thought i might stay with Sara in Cville after the arrests, but we had one of those charming awkward moments where she introduced me to her new lover in the waiting room of the jail, who was going to stay with her that night.

There is much more to say, but i am beat, more to come,  Stay tuned.