Saints disguised as organizers

The best part of  doing radical/progressive political work is the characters you get to meet along the way.

For the last handful of years i have come to the Fair trade Festival in Norfolk, the first weekend of December.  It is one of those clever events which should be happening everywhere.  Local and fair trade vendors hawking their stuff in time for Xmas shopping.  Willow and i have come to stay with Susan Posey (depicted above at Thea and Roberts Wedding) and her sons Orion and Zackery.

Susan is the principal organizer for the Fair Trade Festival.  In years past it is safe to say it would not have happened without her.  This year, as good organizers do, she has given more tasks to others and the community is starting to step up and see (after 10 years) how important this is an how others need to do organizing to make sure it keeps happening.

Susan is one of those people who gives you hope that the world is not doomed.  She is dedicated, resourceful, talented and totally committed to makign the right things happen.

So if you are anywhere near Norfolk today  come to Waterside at 333 Waterside Drive and come to the Fair Trade Festival