Fight Club Thoughts

[Spoiler alert:  This post will blow the complex and interesting ending of the movie Fight Club if you have not seen it.  If you are a movie person or if your are a propagandist, and have not seen this film, then i recommend you not read this post now, go to Pirate Bay (,org not .com) watch the movie and then come back to this post.]

I saw Fight Club recently for the first time.  I had been told by many it was not just a good film, but an “important film”.  Especially by my dear friend (I)An-ok.  But i don’t like fighting, it makes me queasy and i just put it off.

I appreciated the film on several levels.  I enjoyed the naive anarchist vision of destroying financial institution buildings as an effective blow against the money/debt system of industrial capitalism.  This had a poetic quality to it as the finally (re)united lovers hold hands as they watch the 9/11-like collapses.

I especially enjoyed that the movie starts with a scene which links to the last 10 minutes of the film and still was able to deal a knock out surprise ending after this scene by the end.  That the main character had a love/hate relationship with the inspirational other character int he film which ended up being some insomnia induced schizophrenic projection of himself.

And i have a mad crush on Helena Bonham Carter, who it is exciting to see in a more adult role than than the Red Queen in new Alice in Wonderland or Beatrix LeStrange from the Harry Potter movies.

And i believe that if you want to save a mad world, you need to hire mad people.  The main character is drawn to greatness thru delusions and some flavor of insanity.  It is a sister meme of Einsteins thinking that “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  Which  begs for some type of quality control on the madness you choose to embrace to address our vexing situation.

And more so than perhaps any movie i have seen, i look forward to seeing this film again knowing the ending from the start and seeing it with new richness.