96 White sheets

Our labor system is brilliant.  it is flexible, robust and effectively coordinates the work of over 90 members, plus guests, kids and visitors.  Members sheet have historically been white in color, Valerie put in visitor sheets for some years on slightly colored paper and in recent years we have just used highlighters around the frame of a the white page.  But when you talk about “the number of white sheets” around the commune it is a way to talk about our members living here.

Last week we had 96 white sheets.  This might be the highest number ever.  Our population cap is 93 and it has never been much higher.  Because i am floating and another member has been granted a return before a spot was available to them because they had returning children we are two over our regular cap.  Ira who splits her time between here and Acorn (and also does not have a room) bumps us to three over our population limit.   We are so full and our waiting list so long we have cancelled our January visitor group.

It is mostly wonderful to be crowded.