unBirthday Hunting

So i watch Facebook for birthdays like a hawk.  And then i beat them up.

Today i saw it was Stephanie McMillians birthday and i wrote:

i dont care that it is your birthday. What i care about is what you do everyday. What i care about is your myth busting around the flawed notion that people recycling and buying hybrids can save the world, when it is corporate behavior which is higher impact and structurally more destructive. i care that you take on thorny painful topics with clever funny comics. i care that you are changing peoples minds in a time when there is nothing more important. Any bozo can watch a clock tick, you make the time matter.

McMillian has done cartoons for various fingerbooks and campaigns including these for the failed Villages in the Sky project.

But most of her stuff is rougher and darker.

Got a birthday coming up?  Make us proud of you, do something for us collectively everyday.