Building a new culture thru kids

When i was growing up, i never would have thought about rescuing anything from a dumpster.  Dumpsters were dirty.  The people who went thru them had no other options in their lives and were desperate.  I did not want to be dirty, nor did i think of myself as desperate.  Willow is not an avid dumpster diver, but he is not afraid to get dirty and he certainly understands why it is that we rescue this stuff.  When we were living at Casa Robino in Amsterdam, he often came to the markets with us and got into rescuing food.

i was working in the hammock shop today and Elsa relayed a couple of quotes from Luuk (age 7).  They were driving home from Louisa and Luuk said “Can we stop by the dumpster and see if there is anything good in it?

Later in the conversation Luuk explained to Elsa “The reason i like dumpsters so much is the stuff in them is absolutely free.”

I took me decades to learn to think like this.  There is hope in the words of these new kids.