Bad Advice

“Who is she?” i said to my co-worker in the San Francisco high rise office building

“Stay away from her, she is dangerous.” Was his reply, i did not ask him to elaborate, i should have.

But at 24 i was a bit hypnotized by this striking woman with the long hair and mysterious manner.  And after a couple false starts we ended up dating.

Alexandra did film editing and stayed up late.  i was working a lot of hours so she often picked me up after midnight to take to go out into the San Francisco night, which was much wilder back in 1980 before the city shut down the bath houses.  She said she worked with the San Francisco Youth Ballet and she certainly was an impressive dancer, but in retrospect, she might well have been lying to me.

One night i was staying with a friend of mine who lived near the then-abandoned Kezar Stadium, this part of the Haight district of San Francisco was pretty seedy and i had had a couple of run ins with aggressive street folks when i went to see my friend who i was staying with there.

Alexandra showed up around midnight.  We went out dancing at the near by I Beam until perhaps 3 in the morning.  Alexandra then took me across town to her office at the China Basin complex.  She was changing clothes in her big back room while i was flicking thru magazines.  After a few moments she asked “Do you have a band-aid?”  This peaked my curiosity so i walked around the corner to discover she had taken off her shirt and had a sizable slash in her side which was bleeding.  “A band-aid is not going to help with that, you need to go to the emergency room.” i said somewhat freaked out.  She seemed resigned to this fate.

“When did you get that cut?” i asked as we walked out to her car.

“Just before i picked you up in the Haight.” She said casually. “A guy tried to take my purse, we fought, he cut me, i kicked the knife out of his hand and he ran away.  I’ve still got my purse.” She said smiling.

“You have been bleeding for 4 hours!  Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” i asked aghast.

“If i told you, you would not have wanted to go dancing.” She replied.

On the way to the hospital she blacked out.  I ended up carrying her into the emergency room where she got a handful of stitches.

Now i understood dangerous.