Soft Break

i tend to be attracted to fiery intimates.  Correspondingly, in part because i can also be pigheaded, my romantic break ups tend to be dramatic/explosive.

But this is not how it always is, including my recent soft break with Angie.  Angie and i had been drifting apart for a while.  She was building her relationship with Chad, thinking about moving on from community and becoming a mom.  I was digging into community politics and settling into other romances.

Angie and Willow in Barcelona circa 2009

On her most recent visit, Angie and i discussed changing the status of our connection.  It was not a long or charged talk, more a recognition of how things had morphed between us.  She will still stay in my room when she comes down to visit.  Neither of us wanted to preclude the possibility of a more romantic intimacy in the future, but it is not what is happening right now.   So we let go, in a soft, friendly way.