Almost sledding

Shal and i have an agreement.  He can bust into any meeting i am in and say “The weather is perfect for sledding, you have to come now!” And i will stop doing what ever important thing it is that i think i am doing and i will get up and go with him to the slopes.  He has done this with great relish on a couple of occasions over the years.  Tomorrow morning might be his next chance.

But winter has been on holiday this year, and the temperatures these last few months have been down right balmy.  And one must wonder if these changes in weather patterns are harbingers of even more dramatic and problematic climate shifts which are also imminent?  And as Alexis points out weather is not the same as climate.

But for this evening, i am rooting for the snow.  So Shal can grab me right after tofu trays and before those calls that needed to be completed before the general managers meeting, which i thought were so urgent.