The Non-Mastery Paradigm

The way i see most people working and playing is through what might be called a mastery paradigm.  The mastery paradigm is that you focus on one or a small number of things which are important to you, you practice and train on them and you become adept at them – you obtain a master level, if you will.

Mostly, this is not how i approach things.  Rather than focus on a small number of things with dedication and reliability.  i instead work on a fairly large number of somewhat divergent projects, issues and campaigns, often not obtaining proficiency in the area or topic.  To make things worse, my chaotic and disorganized lifestyle is such that often things i have initiated or contributed to fostering dont get sufficient attention from me, leading some of them to crash to the ground.

This is really a juggling model, where you attempt to exert the lightest touch needed to keep a number of objects aloft.

i am not saying one way is better than the other, and i am aware focus and discipline are critical to the success of many ventures.  But what works for me is to be engaged in lots of things, even if it means hearing the sound of projects crashing around on the floor.  On a good day to me it is like music.