Propaganda Posters

Abigail and i often talk about posters.

The way that the bureaucracy works is that it wants measurable products for campaigns, including from programs that deal with as tricky to quantify problems as sexual violence.  What Abigail does that is most effective is very progressive peer theater work with SWAT – the Sexual Wellness Advocacy Team.  Students doing powerful theater on topics people are uncomfortable talking about and engaging audiences to think and talk and challenge rape supportive norms.

And the administration wants posters.  There is money for posters.  So she makes posters. Reclaiming a derogatory catch phrase to encourage communication and consent. We know that you cant stop rape with posters but we’ll try, and hopefully shake up some gender stereotypes while we’re at it.

[i like the msgs in these two posters, the hotter images are actually mixed ethnic and same sex posters.]

I think we should franchise these.  Get a bunch of clever ones developed and get colleges to buy them and given the response to some of the images, sell them in the campus bookstore for cost plus 20% or something.

If we can change the conversation, we can change the story and then everything is up for grabs.