Doubles > Singles: Funological Arithmatic

Spring in Santa Cruz means Frisbee and that means DeLaveaga.  This disc golf course is where the world championships occasionally are held and is both challenging and visually dramatic.  Crystal, Rabbit, Anat and i played for an afternoon.

Rabbit told his story about trying to convince his comrades to play Frisbee golf doubles, where each of the pair on a team would throw from the same first point and then subsequent throws for both would be from the subsequent best landing spot of each of the two.  His friends were unconvinced and felt the spirit of the game was to do your personal best.  A view that strikes me as especially as US american in outlook.

an oft maligned outfit of mine

Rabbit was right.  Anat and i played on the same team both of us pretty marginal ability frisbee players.  But she could putt a bit better than i could and i could drive a bit straighter and longer than she could.  So between us, especially as weak players, there was some competition to Rabbit and Crystal who are borderline epic disc golfers.

What is important funologically here is that you want to be designing games and events like disc doubles, where you are rooting for your partner and they can rescue your mistake or you can play to your skill to both of your benefit.  The structure of the game builds supportive feelings between players.  This is in addition to frisbee golfs’ players-against-the-field format strongly contrasted to most games of the against-each-other format.  In a way we can all win if we all play well.

one of the greatest courses in the world

And it is worth pointing out that the disc golf culture requires very minimal intrusion into the natural beauty as constrained with conventional golf courses which are high pesticide load, expensive to operate and highly restrictive of users.  Play in dyads or teams for more fun and do support new sports for a healthier environment.